Monday, February 17, 2014

Guest Bedroom for My Mom

I've been neglecting my sad little blog but I promise it's not because I haven't been doing anything. I've been doing lots. I just haven't taken good pictures of anything that I've done. I started this post forever ago, but never published it because I wanted to take better pictures.  Apparently that's not going to happen so I'm posting anyway. 

My parents bought a new house about a year ago and my mom let me play decorator for one of the guest bedrooms. She wanted to use two twin beds that she already had but everything else was new. So I made headboards with matching bed skirts, drapes and pillows.  As usual, I completely underestimated the amount of time that it would take to make everything.  There was a four day span that I felt like I was working in a sweat shop but I'm pretty happy with the way everything turned out. 

I actually made the drapes the right way (with a proper lining and big hem). That was a bit of a pain but the results were totally worth it. The drapes just hang much better that way. The instructions I followed are here.

I made the headboard using a method similiar to this one at Better Homes and Gardens.  The headboards are actually mounted to the wall rather than the bed using a french cleat (is it just me or does that sound dirty??).  I find this keeps the headboard from being wobbly.  Also, the french cleat allows you to slide the headboard to the right or left without drilling new holes in the wall so  placement doesn't have to be perfect. 

The night stands, turquoise pillows, and duvets are from Ikea.  The fabric for the headboards, drapes and bedskirts came from Ocho, my favorite budget fabric store.  The rug is also from Ocho.  The fabric for the sage green pillows is from Lewis and Sheron, my favorite splurge fabric store.  The mirrors are from Homegoods.  I think my total budget was around $600 which was only possible because of Ocho.  The headboard fabric was only $7.50 a yard.  The 8x11 wool rug was a steal at $200. 

This room is definitely a work in progres.  I'm working on accessories and art and hope to soon have a finished room with better pictures.