Friday, January 27, 2012

Needs Progress

A few months ago I went out to dinner with my boyfriend and a few of his friends from the gym.  One asked about my hobbies.  I immediately started wracking my brain to come up with a hobby.  The first thing that came to mind was “does happy hour count as a hobby???”  Luckily the guy saw the completely dumbfounded look on my face and rescued me by saying “BF tells me that you’re crafty.”  I thought for a second then said, “oh, yeah, I guess I am.” 

(I present this chair that I re-upholstered as evidence of my craftiness.)

Most people are surprised that I enjoy this sort of thing.  I’m generally a snarky lawyer type that is known among my circle of friends for being first to happy hour.  In fact, my only “formal recognition” in law school was winning the award for “Most Likely to Confuse THE BAR with a bar or any bar” aka Biggest Partier. 
Now I realize that this is like bragging that I was the prettiest girl playing Dungeons and Dragons Friday night at the community rec center, but to me this was a “Major Award!” 
(Those not getting my "Major Award" reference should walk, not run to see "A Christmas Carol)

So in an effort to develop my hobbies other than happy hour, I’m starting a blog to follow some of my projects.  Most of my projects are works in progress, or "UFOs."  According to my mother, UFOs are "unfinished objects" and that everyone needs a few of these lying around the house.  I think this might be a quilting term.  Hopefully posting all my UFOs will inspire me to finish some of these. 

(Like this quirk that is currently taking up a good portion of my not-too-large living room.

Here’s hoping this blog leads to more progress without too many quirks!

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