Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Things People Throw Away: How Hoarding Begins

I’m a pretty neat person. I don’t really like a lot of clutter and definitely try to get rid of things that I no longer use, need or enjoy.  But I try not to just throw things away.  So I was pretty amazed when I saw this BY THE DUMPSTER! 

I just can’t imagine throwing this away.  I know its hard to tell from the picture, but the frame is painted wood and glass but has a few tiny nicks.  Turn it over and there’s the ZGallerie tag. 

Yep, that's an $89.00 price tag. 

Maybe you’re over the whole black and white photo thing, but at least reuse the frame. Or you could donate it and get a tax deduction!  So of course I couldn’t just let this languish by the dumpster. 

So it’s now on the floor in my bedroom until I figure out what I’m going to do with it.

Now a few months ago, I found this IN THE DUMPSTER! 

The fabric is pretty heinous and the wood is nicked up but with a few coats of paint and some new fabric, I think it could be pretty cool! 

BF thinks it’s completely gross that I got this out of the dumpster.  He definitely doesn’t share my vision for the chair. 

At the  very least it’s a functional chair.  Well, okay so the bottom rail is detached and will need to be reinforced but that shouldn’t be hard to fix right?   

The chair is on my “Needs Progress List” and is currently right by the door where I left it months ago. 

But I just can’t let this stuff be thrown away!  That’s reasonable right?  This stuff is valuable!

The Hoarders always think their stuff is valuable. 

I think that’s why I also have a half sheet of plywood, a box of 1000 “Shock Top” logo cups, and 7 used U-Haul boxes in the back of my car. 
Anyone want some free valuable stuff???

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