Monday, April 23, 2012

First World Problems: Buying a Sofa is Harder than I Thought

I just sold all my worldly belongings on Craigslist! 
Bye rug, couch, loveseat, coffee table and end tables.
I've enjoyed or time together but feel as though we've grown apart style-wise
Okay, well not everything, just my rug, coffee table, side tables, couch and loveseat.

But when you have to sit on your hardwood floors to watch TV, it can seem like you have no worldly belongings. 

Clearly a first world problem problem I know.

My sad furniture-less living room. 
Ignore the half finished ottoman I am attempting to build.

I was so excited to buy a new sofa, but it turns out that buying a sofa is a bit harder than I expected.  Particularly because I need this thing NOW and can't wait to have one made.  I know, another first world problem. 

I found one at Havertys that I loved because it was pretty. 

My first choice sofa, the Celine from Havertys

But BF keeps trying to get me to be all practical and consider how I actually use my sofa.  GAH.  What a joykill.  Normally I would just ignore his input and get what I want, practicality be damned, but I'm actually giving his opinion some weight since he was in the furniture business for a while.

That and the fact that I don't want to listen to him tell me "I told you so" when my pretty sofa turns out to be the most awful, ugly, uncomfortable piece of furniture ever. 

So I've now considered and eliminated all options at Havertys, Ethan Allen, Basset and Restoration Hardware (obviously because I can't afford anything there).

Now I'm considering this one from Intaglia.  Its the perfect size and I like the color.

Now if I can just have to get the BF's approval. 

Retro Sofa from Intaglia.  If you've never been there, I highly recommend them.
 Prices are reasonable and the salespeople are super friendly.

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