Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's Been a While..

I've been neglecting my sad little blog recently but it's not because I haven't been doing anything! 

I've actually tackled quite a few projects recently.  Since my last post I have:
 Recovered my headboard
 Made new pillows for my bed
 Made a rectangular wooden side table for my entry area
 Made a nice little tailored skirt for said table
 Hosted a baby shower. 

Hosting this baby shower involved:
 Embroidering pennants with the baby's name on them
 Hemming fabric to make a table cloth and table runner
 Growing wheat grass in metal containers (which is super quick and easy BTW)
 Making bunting
 Making a million cupcakes
 Throwing half a million cupcakes away
 Making a dessert stand

Blue cabanna striped tablecloth is made from Ikea fabric.  Pennants were embroidered on my sewing machine. 
The DIY dessert stand was made from MDF, a square dowel and some 1/4" trim.  The metal containers are from Ikea and I grew the wheat grass from wheat berries that I got at the local health food store.
 The baby shower was a lot of fun and most of the things that I made were pretty cute.  Unfortunately, I did a terrible job of taking pictures. 

Pennants and wheat grass.
 Atleast you know I haven't just been sitting on the couch watching soaps. 

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