Sunday, May 5, 2013

Balcony Redo (i.e. How to Spray Paint Your Wood Floors)

I did some heavy duty spring cleaning last week.  Once I cleaned off the pollen, I realized that my balcony was pretty sad.  It definitely wasn't living up to its potential.  The red wicker patio furniture wasn't helping. 
8 cans of spray paint later, my furniture was bright blue! I ordered a rug on-line that just happened to match perfectly.
I added some boxwoods in white planters and some topiaries. I decided to invest in the boxwoods to serve as foundation plants that would be green year round and not have to be moved indoors in winter. 

 So I  was feeling much better about the state of my balcony.

Well, except for the blue floors. 

Newly painted balcony furniture with slightly blue floors.  Oops.

Since I live in a condo, I don't exactly have a great space to do any sort of project like say, spray painting.  So I just use my balcony.

 For this painting project, I just spray painted on a drop cloth.  Unfortunately it didn't quite cover the entire balcony.  Basically it just covered that area with the nice rug.  Luckily, the floor was already
weathered and faded, so the slight blue tinge just sort of blends in.  That's what I tell myself anyway.

 Just don't look under the rug.

I do have a pretty nice view. 
Unfortunately, my photography skills are sub-par so I can't get a good shot of the balcony and the nice view.

This was the best of my attempts to get a shot of the balcony and the view of Midtown.
View of Midtown from my balcony

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