Wednesday, June 13, 2012


After completing the ottoman, I decided that I should do a "simple" project that would just take a few hours.  I'm pretty impatient so I appreciate any sort of instant gratification project. So I decided to make some pillows.  I sew and make pillows all the time so didn't think I'd have any problems. 

Now, an entire month after I started, this is all that I have accomplished:

Pillows I made for my work BFF.
 It was the least I could do after I hijacked her on the way home from a meeting and
forced her to go with me to one of my favorite fabric stores. 

Okay, well there are two of them, but that's all.  I'm always amazed how "simple projects" turn into month long affairs.  This was one of those projects where nothing went right.  I swear that I must have defective thread.  

The pillows look okay from the front.  Just don't turn them around (luckily this is the internet so you can't). 

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