Friday, July 13, 2012

Future Projects

I'm super excited for my future projects!  

I'm going to (attempt to) make a bench out of a headboard! 

Unless you've been living under a rock and are completely deprived of Pinterest and all home decor blogs, you've probably already seen a million benches made from headboards so this announcement is probably less exciting for you than it is for me. 

This project is particularly exciting because I'll be making it for Work BFF's Mother.  Someone actually trusts me to turn a family heirloom into a piece of furniture! 

This bench from Twice Lovely is one of my favorite examples head board benches.
Don't expect mine to look anything like that for two reasons:
1) I have no idea what the headboard that I'll be using looks like, and
2) I have no idea how to actually build a bench from a headbord.

Okay, so its not really an heirloom. That would be too much pressure.  Work BFF assures me that this isn't an heirloom and has been taking up space in a barn or some other location where you store your less than cherished items.  So her mother probably won't cry and/or forbid Work BFF from associating with me if I mess this up. 

That's reassuring.  I'd miss her if that happened. 

I'm also redoing my headboard and pillows and everything else that's red and black in my bedroom.  I got a new rug a few months ago and that has (obviously) necessitated a complete decor redo of my entire condo.  Luckily my condo is just basically one big room so redoing everything shouldn't be too hard.  

Bye-bye blah black and white bedroom!

Of course at the rate I'm going I'll be finished with the redo just about the time that blue ikat rugs become the avocado green applicances of the world.

Oh well.  

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  1. Thank you so much for "volunteering" to make the bench. It will be loved.