Monday, January 7, 2013

Making a Palm Tree out of Pineapple

So I've been neglecting my blog, but seriously, I promise it's not because I haven't been doing anything. 

I have been doing LOTS OF STUFF. 

I just haven't exactly finished ANYTHING. 

But there's no rule against posting something that I created two years ago right?? 

So here's a centerpiece that I made for a tiki party that we threw for some friends who were getting married.  This was in 2011, the year that I actually finished things.  
Pineapple Palm Tree Centerpiece
To make the centerpiece I hollowed out some pineapples and stacked them on a frame I made by hammering two dowels into a piece of 2x4 (save the pineapple for your pina colodas! fresh pineapple makes them so much better). I used sago plam fronds from the farmers market for the plam leaves.  I poured some brown sugar on a tray to cover the base and create "sand." Obviously, actual sand would have been a more realistic and less sticky choice, but that would have required a trip to the hardware store. 
Now you know how to make a palm tree out of pineapples for you next tiki party or luau.  
Since its January, I know you're probably running out to buy those pineapples right now....  
But whatever, that's not important.
What's important is that I have finished a blog post in 2013!   

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